From animals reusing discarded materials to build habitats to dead plants and animals enriching the soil, the forest has been recycling and reusing long before we came along. Fontenelle Forest is pleased to present the Green Revolution exhibit, in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute. This interactive, educational family experience highlights not only how the forest works, but also how each of us can reduce our carbon footprint and learn some practical lessons from the forest.

  • The exhibit kicks off with educational displays covering topics such as recycling, reuse, sustainability and along with profiles of environmental pioneers and an overview of green jobs and the green economy.

    Kirk Vaughn-Robinson will be onsite creating three a one of a kind sculptures out of the recycled materials brought by visitors to the center. Over the course of the three months, the pieces will take shape and expand depending on the materials collected.

    Renowned local artist Bart Vargas will be working with three community organizations in creating a recycled sculpture celebrating Fontenelle Forest. The groups will come together at the Nature Center to unveil the finished piece.

  • An informative and inspirational art installation along the beautiful one-mile long Riverview Boardwalk.

    This portion of the exhibit talks about how many everyday materials can be reused and recycled. Guests will explore the ways to reduce the amount of their everyday throw away, and how to bring recyclable materials back to life.

    Interactive exhibit where you calculate their own carbon footprint, play an oversized board game, and turn a hand crank to generate energy to power up a portion of the display.

  • Take a look inside a worm composting bin and get the dirt on how they turn food scraps into nutrient-rich soil for plants.

    Learn about different types of alternative energy already in use, including wind, solar and water power.