DinoQuest 2:
Trek Through Time
See Dinos in the Forest!

This premiere collection of relics of the past visits Fontenelle Forest Nature Center until September 30, 2012. This immersive exhibit not only features over 20 life-size and life-like dinosaurs along a one mile, fully accessible, river view boardwalk, but visitors can also experience hands-on exhibits, dinosaur digs, and a new Dino Egg Incubator display inside the nature center. FFNC is open daily from 8a.m. to 5p.m. seven days a week, rain or shine. Every Thursday is “Triassic Thursday” with special hours until 8p.m. Dinosaurs along the boardwalk include a Daspletosaurus, member of the tyrannosaurid family, a Parasaurolphus, a Citipati, an Edmontosaurus, and more!

Don't miss this exciting experience for your whole family!

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